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The formation of a business is an exciting time. However, the decisions you make during the formation process will not only dictate how day-to-day decisions are made, they will also affect the long-term financial health of your business.

At Emswiller, Williams, Noland & Clarke, LLC, we help entrepreneurs make smart decisions that protect their personal assets, help them avoid future litigation and assist them in obtaining the most beneficial tax treatment available.

Located at Keystone Crossing, Emswiller, Williams, Noland & Clarke, LLC, has helped Indianapolis businesses grow and thrive for more than 75 years.

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Selecting the form your entity takes is one of the most important business decisions you will make. Not only will the form dictate daily operations, it will also determine the tax treatment of the business and its owners.

The type of entity you select will also impact your personal liability. If liability is not limited, individual business owners can be held responsible for the debts of the business.

At Emswiller, Williams, Noland & Clarke, LLC, our attorneys help business owners form entities that provide the most beneficial tax treatment possible while protecting their personal assets from business debts.

Our lawyers also help businesses develop articles, by-laws, partnership agreements, operating agreements and employment contracts that clearly dictate each party’s rights and responsibilities. Through these documents we not only help reduce the possibility of future business litigation, we also lay the solid foundation businesses need to grow and thrive.

Growing Smart Businesses For More Than 75 Years

For help establishing a smart business that saves tax dollars and protects owners from personal liability, contact the Indianapolis business formation lawyers of Emswiller, Williams, Noland & Clarke, LLC Call us at 317-643-5848 or toll free at 800-731-7889 to schedule a consultation.

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