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Family disputes often cause unparalleled amounts of stress, hurt and anger. At Emswiller, Williams, Noland & Clarke, LLC, our attorneys have been helping clients find effective and efficient solutions to their family law disputes for more than 75 years.

Located at Keystone Crossing, Emswiller, Williams, Noland & Clarke, LLC, provides clients throughout the Indianapolis area with experienced and committed legal representation.

Experience With Commitment

When family disputes rise to the level where legal intervention is necessary, it is important to have experienced attorneys working to protect your interests. At Emswiller, Williams, Noland & Clarke, LLC, we provide comprehensive full-service legal representation to clients involved in family law disputes.

Our firm represents individuals during both contested and uncontested divorces. We also have the experience and legal knowledge necessary to help high net worth individuals, or those with large marital estates, protect their property interests during the divorce process.

Our attorneys also negotiate, draft and review prenuptial agreements and domestic partnership agreements to ensure our clients’ financial interests are protected in the event of a future divorce or separation.

At Emswiller, Williams, Noland & Clarke, LLC, we put our clients first. Our attorneys are committed to achieving the best possible results for our clients. No matter what type of family law challenge you are facing, our firm has the experience, resources and ability to help you resolve your problem and move forward to a better and brighter future.

We often use alternative dispute resolution mechanisms — such as negotiation and settlement or mediation — to save our clients the time and costs of litigation. Attorney Greg Noland has been a registered family law mediator since 2005. However, when litigation is necessary to protect our clients’ interests, our attorneys will be the strong courtroom advocates our clients need to achieve the best resolution possible.

Our attorneys also represent clients during child custody disputes. Working together, we develop custody arrangements that protect minor children and foster parent-child relationships. When parents are unmarried, it is necessary to establish paternity before rights to custody, visitation or child support can be legally enforced.

Carmel Adoption Lawyer

Oftentimes, stepparents or other family members wish to adopt the children they care for. At Emswiller, Williams, Noland & Clarke, LLC, we help facilitate private adoptions to ensure clients have parental rights to the children they love.

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